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Effective Communication: The Key to Stakeholder Partnership

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Building support through understanding individual differences

We all believe that we communicate clearly and precisely, but why is it then that so often our messages are misunderstood or discounted? Your project is at risk and, after careful analysis with your team, you carefully present the best possible option to your sponsor. He immediately dismisses it as too costly and decides on a solution that you had considered but rejected as only a temporary fix that would not address the root cause of the problem at all.

This sad story is played out countless times in workplaces around the world, with Project Managers’ good ideas being ignored and costly, bad decisions being made. The problem may not lie with the analysis at all, but rather with the way the message is delivered and received.

Our personality type influences both the way we gather information and the decisions we make about that information. At the same time, the receiver’s personality type filters what they hear and how they interpret and value the information we provide. Understanding these filters allows us to communicate more effectively, motivate more appropriately, and manage more successfully.